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Aortha Thermofelt (The NEW name for Therrox Comfort Felt)

Aortha Thermofelt (The NEW name for Therrox Comfort Felt)

Aortha Thermofelt (The NEW name for Therrox Comfort Felt) 

Reference : LA7862


The best kind of insole is the one you cannot feel yet offers your foot the necessary support. Aortha Thermofelt (previously known as Therro Comfort Felt) has special insulating and moisture diverting properties, large air volume and an open fibre structure that will leave your feet feeling soft and warm.

Aortha Thermofelt consists of two layers of fibre needled together. The bottom layer is vacuum and heat mouldable to give therapeutic support relief while the top layer is shock absorbant with moisture wicking and warming properties making it an ideal choice for diabetic patients.

Processing of this versatile material is simple and requires no specialist tools or equipment....simply cut, heat
and vacuum mould.

• Warm and airy
• Breathable
• Moisture wicking
• Foot stabiliser
• Shock absorbing
• Washable and hygienic
• Can be used for insoles, jackets, AFO’s & splints

Full technical information and usuage guide is available upon request.

Thickness: 12mm.
Sheet size: 1000 x 1000mm.


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