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Slimflex Simple High Density


Slimflex Simple High Density 

Size :


Cost-effective, fully customisable foot orthotic. The device can be worn alone to provide general control, or adapted by the clinician into a semi-bespoke device.


Features of the Slimflex Simple High Density:

1st met cut out - allows the windlass mechanism, hence reducing the pressure on the first MPJ and easing tension in the plantar fascia area.

Metatarsal raise - supports the metatarsal area and redistributes weight away from the ball of the foot.

Deep heel cup - supporting the heel reduces pressure by redistributing the body’s weight over a greater surface area on the sole of the foot, while stabilising the foot to provide greater control and support.

Medial flange - increases control of the medial aspect of the rearfoot. Providing correction, stabilisation and gait training - increasing arch support.

Medial arch support and lateral control - improves misalignment of the foot. Aids in reducing pronation and improving sagittal plane control.

Indications and when to use:

The high density EVA ensures the orthotic won’t flatten down, and is therefore more durable for heavier patients or harder wearing patients (those with a higher Supination resistance).

Due to the level of customisation that is achievable with the Slimflex Simple, the treatment options with this device are endless. Slimflex Simple is recommended where speed of orthotic turn around is of importance and where chairside treatment is the chosen solution to biomechanical pathologies.


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