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Silicone Gel Deep 3/4 Length Insole

Dual durometer construction for extra protection of rear and mid-foot tissues without crowding the shoe.

Silicone Gel Insole With Soft Reliefs & Metatarsal Raise

Dual durometer construction for extra protection of heel, mid-foot and forefoot areas.

Slimflex EVA Moulded Insoles

Basic white Frelen EVA insole with soft grey towelling cover that can be used as either a basic replacement insole or modified with wedges and components for a more custom device.

Slimflex Kinetic Kits

Each kit contains a pair of slimflex insoles and 4 adhesive backed posting wedges, allowing for both rearfoot and forefoot posts.

Slimflex Plastic Insoles

EVA insole with a quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material and rigid nylon base that provides additional functional support.

Slimflex Plastic Kits

Kits ensure less waste for low volume users, easy to store and are cost effective.  

Slimflex Plus Insoles

The flat base allows this basic supportive insole to be adapted to the needs of your patient with our range of Podotech wedges and components.

Slimflex Simple Insoles

Slimflex Simple is a cost-effective, fully customisable foot orthotic.

Slimflex Simple Kits

Slimflex kits provide the clinician with a simple and convenient solution to insole modification.

Slimflex Standard Insoles

Basic strengthened green EVA insole that provides increased support.

Slimflex Standard Kits

Kits contain: 1 pair of slimflex insoles,  2 x 5 degree podowedges for rearfoot modifications, 2 x 5 degree forefoot wedges.

Thermoplastic Forefoot Relief Pad

Cushions the ball of the foot to help prevent aches or pains. Shock absorbing pattern holds product in place.

Thermoshell Foot Orthotics - Med Width

Thermoshell heat mouldable blank orthotics let the practitioner mould directly to the patients foot without having to use a plaster cast or send to an outside laboratory.

Toe Bar

Hardness: A15-20 Shore A  

Tongue Cushions

For use under the shoe tongue it controls foot movement in the shoe by pushing the heel to the back of the shoe.

Valgus Pads - Firm Sponge Rubber - Low Raise

Low raise. Available in 4 sizes.