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Metatarsal Pad - High Density - Wide Raise

High density pad with wide raise for broader met correction.

Metatarsal Pad - Low Density (Flat)

Low raise design for moderate correction.

Metatarsal Pad Drop Shape Latex Foam

Hardness: A15-20 Shore A.

Metatarsal Pad Drop Shape Sponge Rubber

Hardness: A30-35 Shore A.

Metatarsal Pad Kidney Shape

Kidney shape - express kit component.

Metatarsal Pad Stomach Shape

Hardness: A15-20 Shore A.

Metatarsal Pads - Low Density - High Raise

Low density soft metatarsal pad. High raise for good level of correction.

Neuroma Pads - One Size

Ideal in treating Morton’s Neuroma and can be fit inbetween metatarsal heads to relieve pressure at the base of the foot

Over-Arch Pad - Wide Fit

Thickness: 3/16" - 5mm  

Peapod Dinky

Can be fitted straight off the shelf, or used in conjunction with Podotech wedges and components to create a customised device.

Peapod Junior Kids Foot Orthotic

The Peapod Junior is non-slipping and perfectly formed, a must for modern childrens foot orthoses.

Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System

A complete gait analysis system with unrivaled performance quality and state-of-the-art sensor technology

Podotech Elftman Aluminium Carrying Case

Robust aluminium carrying case for safe transportation of your Podotech Elftman Pressure Analysis System.

Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Analysis System

The Podotech Elftman utilises state of the art pressure mat technology and electronic sensors to provide extensive analysis options.

Podotech Elftman Spare USB Cable

A spare USB cable to connect the Podotech Elftman pressure plate to your PC/laptop.