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Nova Trent Clinician Stool

A cost effective comfortable flat top stool.

Nova Trolley

NEW: Nova Three-tier trolley, with frosted glass shelves.

Straight Jaw - General Purpose Nipper - 150mm - 6"

Straight Jaw general purpose nail clippers.

Straight Jaw Nipper - 145mm - 5.75"

Made in Germany. Stainless Steel. These general purpose stainless steel nail clippers are standard for general poditaric surgery.

Straight Narrow Jaw Nipper - Narrow Jaw -125mm - 5"

Stainless Steel nippers which feature a narrow jaw design.

Thwaite Nipper - 5.3" (135mm) - Double Spring

These nippers feature one sharp jaw and one flat jaw. The flat jaw works to remove the section of the nail and the sharp jaw is used to cut it out.

Thwaite Nipper - 5.3" (135mm) - Thin Head - Double Spring

These nippers feature a fine pointed tip for precise cutting, one sharp jaw and one flat jaw.

Tissue Nipper - Scissor Type - 100mm - 4"

High-quality German podiatry nippers - popular in the manicure market.

Tissue Nipper - Smooth Handle - 100mm - 4"

The fine sharp edge makes these ideal for cutting loose nail or skin as close as possible.