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PU Orthotic Blanks for CAD-CAM

PU Orthotic Blanks for CAD-CAM

PU Orthotic Blanks for CAD-CAM 

Shore/Size/Thickness/Colour :


PU blanks combine different density of materials to increase functionality of the finished orthotic and provide cushioning or support where it is needed most.

The PU material is ideal for patients requiring superior shock absorption, comfort and cushioning. PU is proven to reduce and transfer unwanted pressure from prominent bony structures and is up to 50% more shock absorbing than EVA .

Our PU pre-cuts are pre-moulded orthotic blanks giving you less wastage in the milling process. Both the single and dual density materials are available in the pre-moulded design and there isalso a PU moulded blank in the single density material for use with existing milling stations.

Blank Size Guide

Blank Size UK Size EU Size
Small 3 - 5 36 - 38
Medium 6 - 10 40 - 45
Large 11+ 46+

Thickness: 1¼ / 3/8"  -  30mm/9mm

Thickness (Duck Shape): 1¼  -  30mm


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