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Aortha Adhesives

Aortha Adhesives have been produced with your everyday bonding requirements in mind. Aortha Adhesives promise to enhance productivity, performance and reduce manufacturing costs.


Aortha ActiGrip

Provides a strong bond and has excellent initial strength. Versatile all-around performer with ‘quick grab’ and high strength.


Aortha Carbon-Glass Blanks

Thin, durable and modern material for top quality custom foot orthotics.


Aortha Drape

An advanced range of thermoplastic materials for the production of check sockets and flexible sockets.


Aortha Neosorb & Aortha Thermofelt

Neosorb is an expanded black neoprene with a Nylon stretch cover adhered to one side. The material has excellent cushioning and impact properties and is supersoft to the touch.

Thermofelt is extraordinarily versatile. Processing is simple and requires no specialist tools or equipment. The material is simply cut, heated and vacuum molded.

Orthotic Transfer Papers

Sheets supplied rolled in cardboard tubes for easy storage and to prevent damage to papers.


Poron Performance Cushioning

Cushioning brings long-lasting comfort and high performance shock absorption in an unrivalled material that withstands even the toughest daily wear