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Poron Medical 96 - Patina

Poron Medical 96 - Patina

Poron Medical 96 - Patina 

Thickness :


PORON 96 Slow memory urethane is a unique custom contouring material. This material rebounds slowly when compressed, which results in a custom fit or contour during each use.The material will continue to return to its original shape when not in use.

Excellent impact absorption
Supports stability and balance
Long-term comfort
Compression-set resistance
Open Cell - Breathable
Microcellular structure
PORON 96 is used in orthopaedic and prosthetic applications, including custom orthotics, custom prefabricated orthotics, prosthetic padding and other biomechanical supports.

Colour: Patina.

Sheet size: 4' 5" x 3'  -  1370 x 1000mm.



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