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Range of innovative diagnostic tools for foot health assessment.

Chairside Foot Orthotics

A selection of foot orthoses, insoles and orthotic components.

Pediatric Orthoses

Pediatric Orthotic solutions and insoles designed specifically for children.

Podotech Stars Insoles

Appearance and functionality of custom orthotics, and offer endless customisation options.

Adaption Components

Various wedges and add-on components for chairside orthotics.

PORON Insoles

A range of pre-cut poron insoles.

Express Kits

Ready to use out-of-the-bag simple insoles kits. Supplied with components shown.

Orthotic Components

Insole additions for chairside and custom orthotic production.

Gel Sheeting

Gel sheets for comfort & cushioning.

Gel Sleeves

These help to reduce friction, abrasion, pressure and shear force.

Gel Insoles

A range of silicone gel insoles for improving stability whilst providing comfort and pressure point relief.

Podotech Gels

Podiatric digit protection and insoles.

Orthotic Felt Pads

Medically designed range of in-shoe felt orthotic components.