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Podiatry Instruments

Thwaite Nippers

Thwaite nippers feature a fine pointed tip for precise cutting.

Ingrown Nippers

These feature a fine pointed jaw to ensure precision in angling the nipper along the groove of the nail.

General Purpose Nippers

A wide range of nippers for everyday general podiatric surgery.

Cantilever Nippers

Cantilever (double hinged) nippers are available with a straight jaw or curved jaw.

Tissue Nippers

The fine sharp edge makes these nippers ideal for cutting loose nail or skin as close as possible.

Dressing Scissors

A selection of stainless steel scissors designed for cutting through felt for dressing and padding.

Specialist Scissors

This section includes bandage and dissecting scissors as well as all purpose scissors.

Blacks Files & Probes

Designed for the treatment of ingrown nails by gently filing and clearing nail and debris along the edge of the na...

Probes & Packers

These make clearing nail and debris along the edge of the nail easy.


Designed to effectively lift the nail section from the nail bed.

Surgical Elevators & Retractors

Range of surgical retractors and elevators manufactured from the highest quality surgical steel.

Dressing Forceps

These stainless steel forceps are for use in general grasping of tissues or dressings. A wide range of solutions a...

Artery or Haemostatic Forceps

Stainless steel forceps for use in podiatric surgery, the selection features forceps to suit every preference.

Kirschner Wires & Cutters

Ideal for stabilising bone fragments. These wires can be drilled through the bone to hold the fragments in place.

Files & Dressers

Instruments for the general care of feet and nails. Includes foot files, foot dressers and nail dre...

Diamond Burs

Modern diamond grit burrs with stainless steel shanks.

Tungsten Carbide Burs

Ideal for fungal nail treatment and reducing thick and mycotic nails.

Ruby Burs

More cost effective than Diamond, but slightly more course.

Nova Blades

Well priced premium blades for the budget conscious.