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Algeos USA introduces new range of Pediatric Foot Orthotics

Algeos USA introduces Peapod - a new range of Pediatric Foot Orthotics

Custom made foot orthotics are manufactured to correct specific biomechanical problems, but this can be time consuming, expensive and in many cases unnecessary. Peapod Pediatric Orthotics (by Podotech) offer an alternative to this with a versatile and cost-effective method of treatment for clinicians with pediatric patients.

Peapod foot orthotics can be used straight out of the pack or customized to match your requirements. They fit discreetly into the shoe providing biomechanical support and comfort without interfering with the foot’s natural progression.

Algeos USA currently offer two Peapod devices: the Peapod Dinky and the Peapod Junior.

Peapod Dinky

The Peapod Dinky is a medium density EVA device. It has a deep heel cup design that provides medial calcaneus support and stability. Extremely versatile, the Dinky can be heat molded, posted with Podotech wedges and covered if required. With a transitional size range from child’s to adult sizing, the Dinky provides a cost-effective treatment option for growing feet.

Peapod Junior

The Peapod Junior combines a thermoplastic shell with supersoft PU and an attractive brushed nylon covering.

The orthotic gently improves biomechanical function without interfering with the foot’s natural growth. The Peapod Junior is non-slipping and perfectly formed. For a more customized device, the Peapod Junior is heat moldable with a heat gun.

Peapod Pediatric Orthotics are sold under the Podotech brand and are available from Algeos USA. You can view Algeos full Podotech range by following this link or contacting us for your free Podotech brochure.