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Reference : NV0592


The Neurothesiometer is used for the determination of vibration sensitivity threshold at any desired site on the body surface.

Sensitivity decreases naturally with age but a number of medical conditions can be related to abnormal deterioration.


  • Monitoring the progress of peripheral neuropathy which is associated with Diabetes.
  • Observation of the reduction of vibration sensitivity in connection with other diseases.
  • Routine recording of threshold sensitivity during chiropody leading to early diagnosis of disease or to susceptibility to conditions such as ulcers.
  • Range expansion: The voltage applied to the vibrator is adjusted by a rotary knob. The range may be switched to Normal = 0 to 50 volts/0-250 microns AND Expanded = 0 to 25 volts/0-62.5 microns.
  • Ten memories which may be reviewed by switching from Store to Review. Advance Memory scrolls through all ten in turn.

Manufactured under BS 5750 Part 2 QAS34/51 (equivalent to ISO 9002 and EN29002). Conforms to BS 5724 Pt1 and medical standard IEC 601-1.


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