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Aortha Neosorb

Aortha Neosorb

Aortha Neosorb 

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Neosorb, previously called Neolon, is an expanded black neoprene with a Nylon stretch cover adhered to one side. The material has excellent cushioning and impact properties and is supersoft to the touch.

Free from any chemical impurities, this hypoallergenic material is latex (natural) rubber, styrene butadiem rubber and ETY free.The sheeting is shock absorbing, will stretch and offer comfort making it an ideal choice for active patients,and the insulating properties will keep the body temperature constant.

Perforated Neosorb
The material is available with breathable perforation holes and the innovative Bamboo top covering, giving you a natural anti-microbial material. Neosorb is hard wearing, durable and washable and is excellent for use as a lining in orthopaedic applications or as a comfort covering material for insoles.

• Open cell - breathable
• Durable
• Cushions
• Shock absorbing
• Insulating

Bamboo material:
• Moisture wicking
• Totally natural (no chemicals)
• Natural anti-fungal properties (Eco-friendly)
• ThermoRegulator - near skin temperature control

Insoles, Orthotic paddings, Orthopaedic linings, Orthotic top covers, Specialist purpose clothing: wet suits etc.

Sheet size: 1321 x 1067mm.


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