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Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Analysis System


Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Analysis System 

Reference : LM4300


The Podotech Elftman utilises state of the art pressure mat technology and electronic sensors to provide extensive analysis options. Superior visual analysis encourages patient interaction and facilitates a more accurate assessment.

• Captures 100 images per second
• Matrix homogeneity provided by 1600 equally-measuring sensors
• Thin pressure mat encourages natural gait
• Sensor life time of over 1 million uses
• Highly durable, permanent mat surface
• CE certification provides quality assurance
• No product calibration required
• Can be walked on with and without footwear

Benefits for your Clinic:

• User-friendly software guides you through patient consultations
• Visual impact reinforces patient education and orthotic recommendation
• Immediate analysis and interpretation of data via comprehensive reports
• Achieve better CAD/CAM foot orthotic outcomes by combining the Elftman image at design stage
• Enables comparisons with a patient's previous scan or ideal mechanics
• Generates PDF and Bitmap files for computerised records
• Highly sensitive mat enables analysis of children's gait and posture
• Lightweight, portable and easy to store where space is limited

3 Scan Types: Static, Dynamic and Postural:

• Superior visual analysis and interpretation of scans
• Immediate data storage and report generation
• Comparative capabilities
• Highly reliable, portable system


Demonstrations of the Podotech Elftman:

• Video: 

View an online demonstration via the Algeos YouTube channel. Click here to view the video.

• Conferences:

Visit our stand at one of the many conferences we will be attending throughout the year. To see which conferences we will have the Podotech Elftman on display, click here to visit our 'Events' page.

• Podiatry Showroom, Liverpool:

You are welcome to come and visit the Podiatry Showroom at our Liverpool office where there is a Podotech Elftman on permanent display. Contact us to arrange an appointment.


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