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Diaped VibraTip


Diaped VibraTip  

Reference : NV0995


Vibration Sense is typically one of the first sensory modalities to be impaired as peripheral neuropathy develops. Diaped VibraTip is a wipe-clean, disposable, key fob-sized device that provides a constant and reproducible source of vibration.

Diaped VibraTip can be applied to the skin more gently, more discretely, more consistently, more hygienically and more rapidly than a tuning fork.

Vibration stimulus from the Diaped VibraTip extends further than the point of pressure and is less affected by local skin characteristics such as the presence of callus.

The spherical head facilitates application from any angle.

How to use Diaped VibraTip:

  • Hold the Diaped VibraTip gently between your thumb and index finger.
  • Gently touch the patient’s intact skin twice with the rounded tip of the Diaped VibraTip, each time for about half a second.
  • Explain that "this is touch one" and "this is touch two" whilst randomly activating Diaped VibraTip™ on either the first or second touch.
  • Then ask the patient which time they could feel a vibration.
  • This will help obtain a sensitive and specific assessment of vibration perception.



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