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Aortha Plastics

Aortha plastics are designed for use in Orthotic and Prosthetic appliance manufacture.

EVAs & Foams

High quality EVA sheeting and plastics used for a variety of purposes throughout the orthopaedic industry.

PORON Urethanes

Poron is an open cell, microporous polyurethane foam which is able to cushion effectively the stepshock of walking.

CAD-CAM Consumables

CAD-CAM is becoming a popular method in designing and manufacturing custom orthoses.

Aortha Composites

Carbon Composite panels, plates and equipment for the use of manufacturing foot orthotics and prosthetics.

Aortha Adhesives

Aortha Adhesives promise to enhance productivity, performance and reduce manufacturing costs.

Aortha Thermofelt

Keeps the foot warm and removes moisture, therefore ideal for diabetics.

Covering Materials

A selection of high quality covering materials for the use in manufacturing orthotics and footwear.

Our Aortha brand offers the latest material technology for use within the Orthotics and Prosthetics sector. The Aortha range includes a huge variety of sheet foams, CAD-CAM materials, thermoplastics and carbon composites.

All Aortha materials are available in a comprehensive range of specifications, sizes and colours, are cost effective, and offer superior consistent quality.