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Aortha Dynamic Sheets

Aortha Dynamic Sheets

Aortha Dynamic Sheets 

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Aortha Dynamic sheets are made of transparent thermoplastic Copolyester.

Offering high impact strength, Dynamic can be rapidly thermoformed at low energy consumption and can withstand extreme degrees of stretching.

Owing to the excellent flow and mould surface reproduction, Dynamic sheeting can be thermoformed at low temperatures requiring little energy for producing applications.

Typical thermoforming temperatures: 60-80°C.

General features:

  • Excellent thermoformability
  • Good impact strength
  • High breakage resistance
  • Easy to fabricate, form and bond

Applications:  Prostheses, Specialist Equipment.

Sheet size:  6'9" x 4'1"  -  2500 x 1250mm (unless stated otherwise)

Colour:  Transparent.


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