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Algeos USA announces launch of a new low-cost Vascular Doppler

Algeos USA announces launch of a new low-cost Vascular Doppler

Algeos USA announces the launch of the Diaped Flux-200. The Diaped Flux-200 is a pocket size Vascular Doppler for Podiatrists, Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons and other clinical specialists. It is generally used to detect and evaluate blood flow for vascular assessment of the Diabetic foot.

This unique, hand-held pocket size Doppler offers many of the capabilities of larger, more expensive devices, but at a fraction of the cost. The competitive pricing of the Flux-200 allows ‘more’ clinicians to have access to a quick and easy-to-use diagnostic device without high investment costs usually associated with this type of equipment.

The Diaped Flux-200 is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable and ideal for use either in clinic or on domiciliary visits.

Other features of the Flux-200 include: a high-sensitivity 8 MHz Doppler probe, a sleek ergonomic design, an LCD display and the option to evaluate blood flow audio signals via a built-in loudspeaker or an optional headset.

The Flux-200 is supplied as standard with a carry case, 1.5v battery and 60ml ultrasound gel.

Bryan Schloss, CEO of Algeos USA noted: "The Flux-200 is a very cost-effective solution compared to other hand-held Vascular Dopplers in the US. It’s versatile, easy-to-use and most importantly in the current economic climate, an affordable device for all clinicians”.

The Flux-200 is just one product from the Diaped range of Diabetic foot care solutions available from Algeos USA. You can view Algeos full Diaped range by following this link or contacting us.