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Algefoam - Red - Shore A20

Algefoam - Red - Shore A20

Algefoam - Red - Shore A20 

Weight : 4 kg
Size :


Sheet Size: 78" x 39"  -  2m x 1m;

Algefoam is a low density EVA foam, which is easily mouldable at 140°C. It is hard wearing with very good abrasion resistant properties making it an ideal orthotic lining material.
This skin friendly foam is toxic-free, washable, heat mouldable, grindable and can be fine sanded to create an exceptional finish.
Algefoam ensures great looking, high-performance appliances made to last and endure. It has good thermal properties and is conformable and unlikely to breakdown or bottom out.

Medical Applications:

Orthotics (all types), splint padding, seating, prosthetic linings, orthopaedic padding, insole covers, brace padding and many, many more.

Usage advice:

Heat mouldable between 120°C and 140°C with an average oven time of 2 minutes per mm.

Density 0.10 g/cm3 +/-0.02
Shore A: A18 +/- 3



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