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Nova Eden Podiatry Chair


Nova Eden Podiatry Chair 

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Multi-functional, versatile chairs designed with both the patient and practitioner in mind.

Combine affordability with the features found in modern high-end chairs.


3 motors allow you to adjust seat height, back rest and tilt. Full Trendelenburg tilt can be achieved.

FREE Foot control, hand control & chair cover.

Split-leg sections are manually adjustable and are inclinable to 90 °.

Armrests fold away to allow easy access for the patient.

Heavy duty castors for easy manouvrability within the clinic setting.

Seat height range from 550 - 1130mm  -  1'9" - 3'9"

Manually adjustable headrest for additional patient comfort.

An inclusive breathing hole enables patients to be treated whilst lying face down.

This chair is equipped with high-quality, modern upholstery, Easy to clean and maintain.

Available in 3 colours: Cloud, Aqua & Turquoise.

Technical Specification:

- Length: 1850mm  -  6'53/64"
- Width including arm rests: 800mm  -  2'7½"
- Seat Height: 550 - 1130mm  -  1'9" - 3'9"
- Weight: approx. 80kg  - 177lb
- Maximum load: 250kg - 550lbs


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